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Joined on: August 30th, 2014

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Joined on: August 30th, 2014


  • Backup NR92!

    NR92 presents Backup NR92! World Backup Day is March 31st, and we want don’t want you to miss a byte of it.

    Tell us about the data YOU’VE lost and be featured on NR92’s blog, and join us as we lament our lost data. Listen in and you might even hear your stories on air!

    Click this link to tell us your stories of woe and sadness and lay to rest every file you’ve loved and lost.

    Hear your stories during the day from March 27th to April 7th at 9:10, 12:10 and 3:10!

    Find us around campus, we’re giving out some interesting prizes, including Internet cards to Naked Cyber Cafe, and flash drives from Shop at NAIT.

    Check out NR92’s Facebook and Twitter for updates.

    Find us around NAIT Campus!

    • South LobbyMarch 27-28t
      • 8:45am-9:45am
      • 12:15pm-1:15pm
    • Cat Crossing (outside Starbucks) – March 29
      • 9am-1pm
    • Cat Crossing (outside Starbucks) – March 30
      • 12:15pm-1:15pm
      • 2:30pm-4:30pm
    • HP Centre (2nd Floor by Computer Commons) – March 31st
      • 9pm-1pm

  • Have any #NAITproblems?

    NR92 is here to listen to your cries. March 30th to April 7th is your time to vent about your #NAITproblems for a chance to win a Kingsway Boston Pizza gift card! Join us in the Twitterverse and share your beef, whether it’s with the parking or the line-ups for the microwaves. On April 7th, the Flashback Friday show on NR92.com will announce the winner between the hours of 6-7 p.m. If you miss the show, we will be Tweeting out the winner of the contest on NR92’s Twitter.

    To enter, follow @NR92 on Twitter and tag us when you tweet about your #NAITproblem. Make sure you use the hashtag in your post!

    Contest Rules

    Tweets & images cannot be vulgar, crude, lewd or offensive. Keep it PG people!

    One person can have multiple posts however, each post must be different.

    Please refrain from copying other peoples Tweets! While we understand that some of these #NAITproblems may end up being similar, but be cool about it.

    One tweet equals one entry for the contest.

    Don’t forget to follow NR92 on Twitter and to tag us in your post!

    Keep it positive! We’ve all got #NAITproblems, but at the end of the day we are all happy to be here.

  • Hole 92

    Show NAIT your zaniest golf swing! Find us in the CAT building and take your best shot in the most ridiculous way possible! The catch; we don’t have a putter. You will have to roll a giant die to randomly select one of our unusual putting tools, such as a hockey stick or a kid’s snow shovel.

    Your shot will be filmed and included in a compilation of the grooviest putts on the planet to be featured on the NR92.com’s Facebook page.

    We can be found in the CAT building at the following times, April 3rd – the 7th:

    Monday: 1:15 – 5:00 pm

    Tuesday: 12:30 – 1:00 pm

    Wednesday: 12:30 – 1:00 pm

    Thursday: 9:00 am – 12:30

    Friday: 9:00 am – 12:30

    Listen in to NR92 on the NR92.com or the TuneIn app!

    Message us on the NR92.com Facebook if you have any questions!


    Roll the die to select your putting tool!

    Participants must sign a waiver so that we can showcase your amazing putting skills!

    All of the (human) putters are encouraged to like the NR92.com Facebook page in order to see the ultimate video showcasing your groovy putts!


  • NAIT NewsWatch’s “Be The Voice” contest

    How much time do you spend online every day? Well my friend, it looks like you’re in luck! NAIT NewsWatch wants to reward YOU for your TIME. We are happy to announce a brand new online commercial, showcasing NAIT NewsWatch and the students here at NAIT.

    NAIT NewsWatch wants to hear what YOU love about NAIT. Find our commercial on the NAIT NewsWatch Facebook page and in the comments section, let us know what your favorite part of NAIT is. By doing that you will automatically be entered in to the draw where we will be giving away TWO $25 gift cards, Tim Hortons and a Subway.

    The winner will be contacted directly and announced on the NAIT NewsWatch Facebook page on the final day of the contest.

    The NAIT NewsWatch Facebook page can be found here – https://www.facebook.com/NAITNewsWatch/

    Contest rules:

    • The contest closes on April 8th at 12pm
    • Only one comment per day
    • You must comment on the appropriate video
    • No profanity or inappropriate comments

  • NR92 Prospects Night

    Join NR92 as we team up with the Edmonton Prospects Baseball team to bring a field of deals to all of you here at NAIT!

    Between April 3rd and April 7th, you can win 4 free tickets to the NR92Night at the Edmonton Ballpark!

    To win, you get to play our very own NR92 Prospect Pong!

    You get ONE free entry by following our NR92 Instagram, and another entry by coming down to the CAT building and sinking a ball in the GRAND PRIZE cup!

    Every person who plays gets the chance for the tickets, and some candy! Your name will be drawn and announced on NR92’s Instagram.

    The prize will be drawn on June 9th for the Prospects game on June 24th.


    1. You follow NR92 on Instagram for ONE entry
    1. Come down to CAT to play NR92 Prospect Pong for another entry
    1. You have THREE shots to sink at least one ball in the grand prize cup for a third entry
    1. Stay tuned to the NR92 Instagram to see the prize draw on June 9th


  • NR92’s What’s on the Turntable


    NR92 is asking you: What’s on the Turntable? The NR92 record vault is stocked full of vinyl. It’s up to you to guess what album is on our turntable so we can get rid of some it!  We’ll give you clues to what’s sitting on our turntable and if you guess correctly you are NR92’s music nut for the day. Clues for the mystery album of the day live on nr92.com. These disguised album covers will test your inner music nut. Do you have the musical smarts to know What’s on the Turntable?

    Enter your guesses here. Guesses are limited to one per day. If you’re clever enough and know your music you’ll walk away with some cool swag.

    Talk to us in the South Lobby and CAT Building and take home groovy swag from Yellowhead Brewery! Keep it locked on our Facebook and Twitter pages for images and more about What’s on the Turntable?

    Thursday, March 30th CAT Building

    Friday, March 31st South Lobby

    Monday, April 3rd CAT Building

    Tuesday, April 4th South Lobby

    Wednesday, April 5th 1st Floor CAT Building

    Sponsored by Yellowhead Brewery.

    Contact Details:

    Michael Menzies – 780.581.3659

  • Put to Rest Your Finals Stress

    Final exams are stressful. Are you worried about those late nights studying? Tired of driving up and down the parkade looking for a free space? What about when finals are over? How are you going to celebrate?
    NR92 wants to help relieve your stress!

    All you have to do is take part in NR92’s Secret Word Contest! Keep your ears open on April 7th between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., as the secret word will be played every hour. Post the secret word on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (be sure to tag NR92 in your post or tweet) and you’ll be entered to win “The Ultimate Student Package!”

    This amazing prize includes a free night of paintballing for two and a free parking spot for an entire week!


    Entrants must be a NAIT student & at least 18 years old to enter.

    Television and Radio students are excluded from entering or winning this contest.

    Grand prize draw entry is limited to one entry per person per social media platform.

    Inappropriate posts will be discarded from the grand prize draw.

    Contact Information
    Facebook: NR92.com
    Twitter: @NR92
    Instagram: @NR92dotcom
    Gmail: nr92secretword@gmail.com