Teenaged Angsty Music Anthems

By Kennedy Lane on January 10, 2018

One of the genres that really defined my adolescence and still stays with me today is alternative punk. It’s all about the poetry in the lyrics and venting your frustration with the guitar riffs and the drums.

It’s mostly stuff set in the  2000’s that got me through. One of the big bands that connected with me was Yellowcard.

I’m such a sucker for violins in any type of music. That was Yellowcard’s trademark, as well as the angst-y California flavour. Back Home is a more somber song, yet it still has some upbeat longing in the sound.

But another punk alternative band that has a little more hope in their sound, while still getting out your frustrations.

Jimmy Eat World has many of those songs just reach out to you in the way that you need it most. Songs from Jimmy Eat World like Hear you Me, The Middle, and My Sundown just help you with what you’re dealing with but also give you a sense of purpose and belonging in the world.

It touches on your feelings of resentment, makes you justified for having them and brings you through to the other side, no matter your age.