Technology…It’s Great!

By Kennedy Lane on December 8, 2017

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology is referred to as a Leading Polytechnic. I have never been more proud when I watch my computer screen buffer for five minutes trying to open one application.

Seeing the lag and constant freezing while editing a school project in Adobe Premiere and unable to sync the audio and video together. Nothing is better. This state of the art trade school with it’s smartboard that will not respond to the smart-marker no matter how much persistence my instructor has. It’s so charming.

The highlight this semester was being waist deep in an audio project when the program stopped responding for a good twenty minutes. I nearly had a mental break. Finally, I had no choice but to reboot and hope that it would all still be there. I lost about 5 percent of the files that I needed and couldn’t remake so I lost marks on my assignment. Thank you, technology.

The version of Windows not being up to par with the latest computer programs, or the spreadsheets I haven’t used in 5 years. That Coke machine that gave you a free can when you hugged it was pretty cool, but did it really benefit us? While the CAT Building looks like an impressive structure straight from the pages of a sci-fi novel, it’s a lot of empty space.

They have the smart glass on the second floor, but no one outside that program sees the cool stuff they can do. I can only imagine it looks like all the holographic stuff that Iron Man does in his lab. I’ve gone days at a time just using data on my phone because the Wi-Fi is unresponsive or too slow (which I need to use for one of my courses)

In my first semester I’d planned to get work done in the library where it would be quieter. Not only is it not so silent, but the computers move like snails. I know they have a 3D printer in the LTC (Learning and Teaching Commons) but I’ve yet to find a reason to go and see it for myself. I’m assuming I’m allowed to 3D print anything, but I do know that takes hours to make stuff. Hours that I don’t have as a full-time student.

Again it’s a cool thing but is it making my experience as a student any easier? It’s another case of something showy that isn’t very practical for Trade School Students, technological or otherwise.

It’s easy to complain about modern day technology woes. But I’ve been around long enough to remember when you couldn’t use the internet because someone was using the land-line phone. The terrible hums and twangs as the dial-up turned on.

We’ve come a long way even in the last 12 years. With only just over a decade under humanity’s belt it will continue to advance. The future will have things that we’ll still complain about I’m sure. But I am curious to know what states the other Polytechnics are in if NAIT is in the lead.

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