Saturdays are the Best Days (And Reasons Why)

By Kat Nykolaychuk on January 12, 2018

Nothing beats the feeling of getting out of work or class on a Friday knowing you have your full weekend ahead of you. Even better: When you have absolutely nothing planned.

Now let me explain.

As a student myself, any time I can spend not at school, running errands all around the city, or working at my retail job to make sure I can pay for my daily coffee and bagel, is time well spent. Which is why the weekends are my favourite.

Say what you will, I really liked the movie Eat Pray Love, mostly because I could live vicariously through Julia Roberts in all these wonderful places, but also because of a phrase they mention in the movie while her character Liz is spending three months in Italy.

The phrase is Dolce Far Niente and it means, “the sweetness of doing nothing”. There’s something very nice about knowing you can just get home and sit with a book by the window and drink a cup of tea. You can drop any feelings in the back of your mind about all the things you “should” be doing, and just do nothing. Remember the fact that your life is yours and that you don’t need to earn a reason to have a break. It’s your choice.

And celebrating this lovely thing we call free will, I’ve put together a few of my favourite things involving the weekend.

#1: The Breakfast Club

Photo: Universal

A film that’s been one of my favourites since I was an awkward twelve-year-old has to be this one. It was so different from any movies I’d seen before. Only five main characters, all set in a high school library, coming in for detention on a Saturday. I think if I had detention on a Saturday, especially if it was just high school, I can’t see any actual reason why I could actually be persuaded to go. But anyways, I digress, the characters end up learning a bunch about each other and walk out of detention with a better understanding of how even though they’re all incredibly different, they’re all the same. It’s much more deep and emotional than I just made it sound, but you get the gist.

It also just seems like fun to goof off and generally wreak havoc at school on the weekend. Reminds me of my high school theatre kid days. I relate to Allison, the basket case, the most. And the ending scene is the best.

#2: Pyjamas


Another reason weekends are the best is that you can wear pyjamas from Friday to Sunday at home, and nobody would be any the wiser. Life’s too short to get dressed on the weekend if you have nowhere to go. Spend your beloved free time in your comfiest clothes, nice and warm under a blanket, watching some old movies. Take it easy. A break means you don’t have to wear jeans and make sure your hair looks nice if you don’t want to.

And let’s face it; it’s not difficult to find onesie footy pyjamas at a decent price anywhere you go. Honestly, they’re worth the investment.

#3: The Weekenders

Photo: Disney Channel

Last but certainly not least, the classic Disney television show, The Weekenders. Tish, Tino, Carver, and Lor always looking for the next adventure, working to solve their 7th grade problems by the time the weekend is over. I always remember, as a kid I thought Lor was the coolest out of all of them, and also that I wished Edmonton had The Pizza Parlor. Different theme every week. Always pizza. Good in my books.