An Ode to Styrofoam-like Sugary Goodness, Meringue Cookies

By Bailey O'Boyle on December 19, 2017

Earlier this month, fellow NR92 jock Kat made a tribute to those cheap, frosted sugar cookies. It’s an amazing read if you haven’t given it a look.

I too have a deviant taste in cookies, and I feel something building that I must release. Something I just couldn’t hold back, I had to get it off my chest. Like The Telltale Heart, my guilty love only weighs against my soul so let me get it off my chest.

Meringue Cookies are my favourite thing to ever come out of a bakery. Ah, I remember being a young boy at the grocery store, a member of the Cookie Club, meaning that every visit I got a single free cookie. Now, as a child, it was an amazing bargain to get the sweets your hearts so craved. As an adult, I realize it was a quick way for the store to shut up bratty children with stale cookies that wouldn’t normally sell. Everytime I got the same rainbow coloured, lovely swirled meringue cookie.

For those that don’t know, Meringue Cookies are a confection made by taking egg whites, sugar and…blending. I mean, you also add minuscule amounts of cream of tartar and sometimes vanilla extract. And then sometimes a crazy sadist tries to add chocolate chips in it which completely ruins the flavour balance, in my humble opinion.

I think it’s because I ate styrofoam as a kid. What, you’re surprised? It sort of explains some of the stuff I’ve done.

I’m just saying sometimes a nice juicy packing peanut really hit the spot. They’re nice and…somewhat crunchy. Ironically, they have the exact same texture of cheetoes. No I’m not joking. If you didn’t have flavour to clue you in, you couldn’t tell styrofoam, meringue cookies or cheetoes apart. They’re all the same texture. Enjoy.

I mean look at this juicy baby and tell him you wouldn’t take a bite outta him. And if you do… You might want to check out this site!

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So yeah. Meringue Cookies I love you and your styrofoam like texture. You melt in my mouth, you hit the spot, and you have a crunch that just can’t be beat. Except by your tastier older brother, the packing peanut.

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This recipe is something I actually condone without the dreaded semi-sweet chocolate chip.