An Ode to Linkin Park

By Justin Cooper on February 12, 2018

When we think about the Transformers movies we think of giant robots fighting each other explosions and some awesome rock songs.  The first three movies featured songs by my favorite band Linkin Park and, well personally, I feel the movies just weren’t as good when they no longer featured them.

However of all the movies my favorite song featured in them would have to New Divide which was in the second movie.

The song was my jam back in the day every time it came on I felt like leaning out of the window while the car was screaming down the highway which I may have once or twice. It’s such a good song it spent 32 weeks on the charts and peaked at number two. The band was so good with Chester Bennington’s screaming vocals and Mike Shinoda’s rap verses the band was on fire through much of the 2000’s.

However now sadly the fate of the band is unknown with Chester’s tragic passing the band is left without their lead singer, it will never quite be the same, but they have stated that they will continue on as it is what he would have wanted.  Hybrid Theory which was there debut album and everyone I knew had it the most notable song on it was In The End.

Then there was Numb the hit song on their second ever studio album. Which let’s be honest do you can’t do a blog about Linkin park without mentioning Numb that song is the epitome of Linkin park and Chester. The raw emotion at which he belts out the lyrics is intense I won’t lie when I say I am a bit sad I only ever got to seem them do it live once.  I was a such a huge fan so when he passed I won’t lie I cried then well I kind of got over it for a bit that was until the tribute consort they did. It was insane to see the amount of bands that came out to honor Chester and perform alongside the remaining members of the band. I teared up several times throughout the night and got chills when the crowd did the vocals for Chester’s part for Numb and In the End.

It’s actually kind of spooky going back and listing to their music it amazing how they have such a range from the hard rock songs to soft songs like One Light which is one of the last songs they made and the title of their last album with Chester.  The song is kind of sad but then again it’s about the death of one of Chester’s best friends Chris Cornell.

Linkin Park regardless is a classic band for me and many others and no matter what they do now after Chester’s passing I will still support them they have influenced me a lot in life and I hope they can recover soon and start touring again even though they may not sound the same.

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