Music is Power No. 3 – One and Go!

By Owen Shoemaker on April 22, 2017

Most music today is always professionally recorded in a studio and it’s usually a long process. Multiple recordings, laying tracks over each other, editing and all that good stuff. But every once in awhile a band will record one of their album songs in just one take. It’s basically a live recording. I’ve got four songs that you might not know were recorded in a single take because they are good enough that you can’t tell. The first one is The Beatles song Twist and Shout


When the Beatles were recording their debut album, Please please me, they ended up recorded 11 songs in only 10 hours. One of those was twist and shout which was recorded last, but after a whole day of recording John Lennon’s voice was gone and they could only get in one take for the song. Luckily it still turned out amazing.

The next song is from Canadian artist Dallas Green of City and Colour. It’s from his first album, Sometimes, and the whole album actually was all songs that were recorded live. No editing just live. You should definitely listen to the whole album but my favourite song off of City and Colour’s first album, Sometimes, is a song called Save Your Scissors.


Another good tune recorded in a single take is Radiohead’s Bodysnatchers. This song was also recorded in one take but it was recorded in crumbling mansion. Apparently their producer thought that throwing the band into an uncomfortable situation would create an interesting atmosphere to create unique music. The band lived in trailers outside the mansion during the recording and the final version was recorded in one final take.


This last song of the four might surprise you a little. Rap music is very complicated with a lot of lyrics and rhymes to run through. But during the recording of Lose Yourself, Eminem was so eager after filming 8 mile that he was able to record almost the entire song in one take and it was perfect. Listen to Eminem’s Lose yourself


There’s four famous songs that only needed one take to record the final versions. There are a few others like House of the Rising sun by The Animals and the rest of that City and Colour album but these few stood out to me. This lets you know that they’re are good musicians out there who don’t need great producers to create good music. 

By Owen Shoemaker