Metallic Love

By Kayla Snow on February 12, 2018

Valentine’s Day is here at NR92. That’s right, today’s blog  is going to be themed around love. In particular metal love songs. Yes, you heard that right. This genre isn’t just doom and gloom. It has power, and some of these song invoke the strength of love. Today love and its different forms will be explored through metal.

See? This song is about how love is a source of power and inspiration pushing him forward. Holding her hand lets him know he is no longer alone. In love he is complete.

Our next song is quite heart breaking, but beautiful. It is about how even in death real love is forever. Time doesn’t change anything as true romance transcends time. It reminds me personally of my friend who died when I was 16, even though I am 24 now the memories are still in my heart. Years didn’t take away the images of his happy smiling face in my mind.

Wasn’t that just lovely? It is such a poetic song flied with emotion. See? Metal is not just heavy guitar, and drums. It can be lyrical, accompanied with symphonic elements making the sound quite romantic. You could even probably slow dance, or waltz to this one! I personally intend to have music like this, if not the same song at my wedding.

Our next song follows the trend, but it involves reincarnation. The concept of being reborn but as a human. Looking different and having new memories, but the self you were before compels you to seek out your previous love and identity. Lovers now reunited as death could not keep them apart.

Hope you enjoyed my starset, keep on rocking!

Image credit goes to Wikipedia