What kind of Guitar Hero are you?

By Terry Eggleston on December 26, 2017

There are few franchises that can say that they’ve taken the video game world and redefined it. From the moment that Guitar Hero came out, it became a pop culture icon and took the video game industry by storm. While it didn’t exactly replicate or teach how to play an actual guitar, it did give the sensation of being able to rock out with some of the most face melting tracks in music history, all in the comfort of your own home.  And it all started by being able to jam out to one of the most well-known guitar riffs in the rock fan’s manual, Deep Purple’s 1972 track, Smoke on the Water.

Now assembling the right mix of songs was no easy task for the game developers. Yes retro was starting to become a major thing and most of this music knowledge was still relevant to a lot of people, but with a lot riding on this brand new gaming innovation, the developers had to figure out a way to cater to every demographic to make their game the sensation that it came to be. Music is no stranger to innovation, in fact it thrives on it, and one of the most famous innovations in modern music history happened in 1986 when Run DMC took Aerosmith’s Walk This Way, sampled it and made a new song out of it.

It was good to use some newer artists like My Chemical Romance, Muse and Franz Ferdinand to bridge the gap from classic to modern rock but where the Guitar Hero developers got very wise was adding musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan to show gamers what real guitar led rock and roll sounded like and an idea of what it looked like. This was portrayed best in the addition of Vaughan’s Texas Flood on the first Guitar Hero and Hendrix’s iconic Purple Haze on Guitar Hero World Tour. Now, as well as musicians that defined rock, you had to have the ultimate pump up songs that transported people to the mindset of being able to do it in a concert setting and… being a real guitar hero. That’s why they most definitely had to add in tracks like Eye of The Tiger from Survivor’s 1982 album of the same name. That’s just a small glimpse into the world that was Guitar Hero. Not yet convinced? Grab a guitar controller and rock your faces off!