The Grammy’s struck the wrong chord

By Kayla Snow on February 1, 2018

The Grammy awards are a huge deal to musicians.  The award is supposed to represent all facets of music, but it fails to do so.


Quite simply there is a lack of metal bands with a grand total of five on the list. To add insult to injury Metallica is on the list for the best rock album.

Which dishonors one the bands that begun the genre of metal in the first place. Jack Black also won a metal award for  his track titled “Kickapoo”.

Seriously? There are so many artist within that genre that deserved to be chosen instead.

This is a problem that should be rectified  in the future. Many people don’t see metal as main stream music. I would agree with that statement, but I also challenge it.

Metal should be played in radio, it shouldn’t be ignored while other types of music are celebrated. We should embrace differences.

The Grammy should reflect the talent and diversity metal offers.



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