Free Pancakes Kicks off Fall Semester

By Harley Myhovich on September 7, 2017

NAITSA launched fall in a gigantic way, handing out free pancakes this morning at the south entrance of CAT Building.

If you were anywhere within a 100-kilometer radius, you would have witnessed the pandemonium, as the line was longer than Cher’s illustrious career. Students were treated to toppings that would put most normal people in a sugar coma… In a good way of course. Strawberries, bananas, blueberries, whipped cream, ice cream, graham crackers… and that only scratched the surface.

It doesn’t end there as NAITSA’s planned more events this September, with Nest Fest 2017 next week! 11AM to 11PM, Beer Gardens and concerts all day, including a free noon show of Randy and Mr. Lahey from the Trailer Park Boys. Tickets are $25.┬áCome for a great time, and hang out with us as we’ll be broadcasting live from the event.

Keep an eye out and your ears open for more events from your station for the students, NR92.


  • Dave Sawchuk