I Found the Greatest Song Ever Guys

By Bailey O'Boyle on December 18, 2017

Music has been around for a while, one of the first manifestations of ‘culture’ in early human civilization. In a world where men hunted, slept and went back to hunting, something came around that people loved and partook in… Despite the fact it had no practical value.

Now I know you’re already thinking you know what I’m going to say. You know the greatest song ever. But my answer is not not what you’re going to stay. It’s not Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven, Let it Be – The Beatles, or Shakira – Hips Don’t Lie. 

It’s from a band called Songwriter X and the Skeleton Band.

Wait no! Come back! I’m not finished!

You can’t just leave me mid article. Look I know the band sounds like a massive joke, but it’s real. They’re really called Songwriter X and the Skeleton Band. And this isn’t some massive meme where I’m trying to trick you. Believe me, this isn’t a joke. If it was a joke, I’d expect a channel with a little more than eight thousand subscribers.

But give this a listen. Their hit single Fell in a Well, it’s delightful. The struggle, the pain, the honest. Music is meant to tell a story and there’s no way you’ll leave this video without knowing every painstaking detail of this story. The struggle, the pain, the heartbreak, the extremely catchy lyrics. There’s a plot twist in this you’ll never expect: Songwriter X falls into a well, in his single Fell In a Well.

We’ve solved music. After millennia of human evolution, we can stop the search. It’s over. Music is dead. Burn down the garage in which punk bands practice, the halls in which choirs practice, and the barbershops in which quartets…probably still barber because they’ve got to make money, come on man, it’s a busy world out there.

Image credit to Songwriter X and the Skeleton Band.