alt-J? More like alt-YAY!

By Alex Fedorouk on December 22, 2017

Recently I’ve been going through my library of music and I realized that I sure have quite the taste for odd/unique bands. Like you better believe Radiohead is on constant rotation on my playlist. I don’t quite know what draws me to these kind of bands, but I can sure tell you I like the uniqueness!

Kings of weirdness alt-J have been on my radar lately! From interesting composition, and unique vocals, alt-J has certainly caught my attention! Alt J is an indie rock band from England who formed in 2007.The band consists of Joe Newman on guitar and lead vocals, Thom Green on drums and Gus Unger-Hamilton on keys and backup vocals. Alt J released 3 albums since they formed in 2007. If you don’t know how they sound like, here is a perfect tune to get familiar with them:

Every Other Freckle is a great example of how the band are lyrically exceptional! They use similes in this track to fit it’s lustful theme, saying “ Im gonna roll around you like a cat rolls around saw dusted patios.” COOL RIGHT?!

But if lyrics don’t get you going as much as they do for me. Here’s a cool song off their latest record Relaxer:

I especially love this song, mainly because of the track’s meaning. The entire song is about two long-deceased historical women who some of the members of the band have crushes on. I couldn’t name you another group who has a song written quite like this!

From the unique tracks to the insanely interesting videos, alt-J is definitely one of my favourites!
Here is to more killer alt-J VERY VERY SOON!