Albums Kylo Ren Probably Listens To

By Evan Armstrong on February 13, 2018

After the past two Star Wars episodes featured a landscape of different emotional episodes  Kylo Ren, I dove deep into the proverbial mind, and thick heart strings of our second favorite masked Sith. (Vader will always be #1.) I wanted to know What music Kylo Probably listened to, and even though his secretary said he was all booked for the week, I decided to do some speculation and come with the music I think Kylo Ren would frequent.

nothing, nowhere.  –  REAPER

Kylo is a real emotional dude, and he needs to get all the feels out with some Emo Rap talking about break ups, and sappy things like that. Rap artist nothing, nowhere. has an unknown identity, and never shows his face, much like Kylo Ren did for the majority of The Force awakens. Not only that, but I don’t think the dudes in nothing, nowhere experience any emotions besides sadness and sometimes anger. Sounds a lot like Ben Solo right? You know it does.

Brand New – The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me

Every time Kylo and Rey finish one of their weird starring contests while their on different planets, he immediately goes and listens to The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me. Whether its cause he needs to get the face of Rey out his head, despite the fact he’s had a kitty crush on her since the eighth grade, Or to simply just to decompress after the extremely strenuous task that is looking someone deep in the eyes while they are literally on another planet that is thousands of miles away. Ben Solo Probably has Brand New’s entire discography on Vinyl, but this album here has special place in his heart, because the Devil and God are probably raging inside of Kylo Ren Most of the time.

Rings of Saturn – Dingir

You can bet that this is Ben solo’s go to album when he is going for a night cruise in his tie fighter to blow off some steam. Nothing says Sith Lord like Technical death core about space. It’s fast, It’s aggressive, It’s pretty dumb most of the time. Was I describing Dinger by Rings Of Saturn or  Kylo himself. Reading back on that sentence, I’m not even sure which I was describing anymore, they both fit so well. Besides, every picture of Kylo Ren in his room shows that it’s just littered with Rings of Saturn posters, and are we really surprised.

From First to Last – Dear Diary, My Teenage Angst Has a Body Count

You know Kylo keeps a journal, and you know he’s listening to some old school emo while he’s writing about all his problems as an upper middle class young guy, like being made fun of by snoke, or called mean names by stormtroopers. I mean, Kylo’s teenage angst literally has a body count that is climbing every day, that’s what happen’s when your a strapping young Sith Lord like him. I’m pretty sure he’s almost in his thirties, but he still acts like a teen sometimes, and he is holding onto that Teenage angst like a rope above a pit of lions.

Lil Uzi Vert – Luv Is Rage 2

Kylo is pretty invested in the hardcore and emo scene, and frequently watches the Live streams of Vans Warped Tour from the control room of Imperial star destroyer’s. But sometimes he goes to see whats charting and finds something he likes, like XO tour Llif3 by Lil Uzi Vert. The man who arguably popularized Emo Hip Hop in 2017 is now a favorite of Ben Solo’s. He shows Luv is Rage 2 to all his friends cause of all “Bangers,” it has, even though they have all heard it before and tell him to shut up about it. Then Ben Solo goes and writes in his journal about how misunderstood he is…and we already now what he listens to when he writes in his journal.

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