5 Movies You Should Be Watching on Netflix

By Bernie Bernhardt on January 13, 2018

Everyone needs nights where they just chill out and watch some Netflix

Tucker and Dale vs Evil

Tucker & Dale vs Evil is hilarious and good-spirited horror comedy film. Tucker and Dale are two best friends on vacation at their dilapidated mountain house, who are mistaken for murderous backwoods hillbillies by a group of preppy college kids. The boys try to lend a hand, but as the misunderstanding grows, so does the body count. Its really funny how they turn horror cliches on their head, dark jokes + silly plot = great movie.

People Places Things

When you have Jemaine Clement as your lead roll your in a good spot for success. The main character Will, a graphic novelist and a professor in NYC. At his twin daughters’ fifth birthday party, Will’s life is turned upside down when he accidentally witnesses his wife cheating on him. One year later, Will is still alone and trying to put his life back together. He finds some unexpected challenges when one of his student tries to set Will up with her mother. In this thoughtful comedy, Will is forced learn what it means to be a single father and want to move on while remaining an inspiration for his students and coming to terms with himself both as a father as an artist. It’s a really sweet movie that is enjoyable to anyone.

Good Will Hunting

Matt Damon and Robin Williams come together for an amazing performance. Will Hunting, a janitor at M.I.T., is wicked smart, but needs help from a psychologist to find direction in his life. Charming, sad, happy and wonderful all at the same time. Good Will Hunting is a great movie for a night in with your partner. Fun fact it was Written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

Treasure Planet

My favourite Disney movie of all time its a rehashing of treasure island by Robert Louis Stevenson in a steam/space punk setting. Its re-told beautifully and incorporates three different styles on animation into a motion picture seamlessly. It deals with themes of manhood, abandonment and responsibility. Plus it has a track from the Goo Goo Dolls as a main theme. So it has to be good.

The World’s End

This is in my top ten list for sure. Clever writing, brilliant editing, great cast and my favourite director of all time Edgar Wright. The movie is about Gary King an immature 40 year old man trying to relive what he thinks of as the best night of his life a 12 bar pub crawl that culminates at The Famous Worlds End pub. He drags his old buddies back to there Home town but is it them that has changed or the town? That’s all I can say about it and I recommend you don’t watch trailers its much better enjoyed knowing as little as possible about the plot.

So what are you doing still reading this? Go watch some movies!