5 Hidden Gem Comedy Movies

By Harley Myhovich on January 5, 2018

Observe & Report. This 2008 comedy starring Seth Rogen and featuring Anna Faris, Ray Liotta and Michael Pena was met with mediocre reviews and little interest. Paul Blart Mall cop was the big budget version of Observe & Report with completely different plots. Somehow Kevin James caught everyone’s fancy more than Rogen could, which is why you may have skipped it. Don’t. Watch Observe & Report and enjoy how truly dark and realistic it is. So what if it’s kind of a sad biopic of a fictional but real character. Kevin James scarfing down a pie as a joke may be worth a chuckle, but Seth Rogen beating up teenagers with a skateboard is better any day of the week.

Diggers. Who knew clam digging could be so relatable and genuine? Apparently Ken Marino did. You may know Ken Marino from Wet Hot American Summer, Wanderlust, or the tv show Brooklyn 99, but in 2006 he wrote a wonderful film about small town friends who try maintain their way of life as clam diggers. Although lead by Paul Rudd, this movie might not make you laugh. It will however, leave a smile on your face as you vicariously live through the simple but passionate characters.

Cottage Country. Here’s a quick rundown. Girlfriend and Boyfriend go to the family cabin to escape for a weekend. Boyfriend’s brother and annoying girlfriend are at the cabin when they shouldn’t be. The couple is upset. The boyfriend wanted to propose to her but now doesn’t feel like there’s a right time. Stress builds. The boyfriend accidentally kills his own brother with an axe. Oops. He covers it up. The girlfriend finds out. She isn’t that mad. They kill the annoying girlfriend of The now-deceased brother. The rest of the movie happens.

This movie combines horror and comedy in such a way that it feels perfect. Like comedy is a bag of plain taco chips. But the horror element is the hint of lime. Just noticeable enough to be worth it. This movie is for fans of the cult classic, Tucker and Dale VS. Evil. Tyler Labine can apparently do no wrong starting in these types of films.

Let’s Go To Prison. Starting Will Arnett and Dax Shepard, this comedic masterpiece was a slow burn. Meaning much of its appreciation was received over time. Created by Bob Odenkirk, who played Saul in Breaking Bad. Let’s Go To Prison features strong comedic support from Michael Shannon, David Koechner and Chi McBride.

To be blunt. It’s a comedic romp where a guy gets his enemy sent to prison. Doesn’t satisfy him enough so he gets put in prison to make sure his enemy is having a bad time. Will Arnett goes from zero to hero in the prison because people think he killed the leader of the white supremacist prison group. But really, the guy accidentally injected himself with a good old dosage of boat cleaner.

The Goods. Live Hard Sell Hard. The year is 2009. Jeremy Piven needed to put out a great movie to help his career. He comes out with this hilarious blockbuster of a comedy, and his career remains in the same position. A comedy about jerks selling cars. Relatable. Fun. Easy. Even Will Ferrell had a bit part. The reviews were even decent. Still, not a lot of buzz. Most of the best jokes are too dirty to lay out on here, but I will say it was funny when they advertised Bo Bice….’s brother, Eric Bice to appear. Who, sadly had to cancel. Ving Rhames, Ed Helms and Craig Robinson have incredible comedically-sound characters as well. This movie is oddly dark and crude for being about car salesmen, so you know it’s worth a watch.

By Harley Myhovich