Sexuality vs. Identity

By Alan Holmes on November 9, 2017

People are talking about sexuality and identity more than ever before.

As views on sexuality progress, more young people are identifying as being part of the “rainbow” spectrum. Once known simply as LGBT, the acronym has continued to expand as people come forth with distinctions as to how they identify. NAIT student Brendan Collinge says it’s important for so many to identify in a certain way:

“…it’s a lot more complicated than just like ‘they’re all gay’. Labeling them all as just being gay people is wildly inaccurate and probably kind of offensive to a lot of them… you know? And so I don’t really want to misalign myself, like, I’m a gay man.  Both because of the specifications of my sexuality and the specifications of the terms that identify different sexualities. ”

Multiple resources for sexual identity can be found on-campus, such as the newly founded Pride at NAIT club.

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