Parents Seek to Ban Adult-Only Housing

By Elizabeth Wood on April 13, 2017
Recently, downtown parents have been pushing the government to eliminate adult only housing in Alberta.

Alberta is the only province in Canada that allows adult only housing. Due to this restriction on housing, many families struggle to find a place to live.

Parents have been striving to make a change and claim its age discrimination.

NAIT students agree that something should be done in regards to adult only housing.

“I think it would be not fair, well if you have kids and you want to live in an adult only condo you should be able to.”

“From friends how have kids who live in the downtown area, it’s very difficult to find apartment housing.”

 However, some students at NAIT disagree. They believe it should be okay to have adult only housing, and that there is plenty of family friendly housing around the city.

The government of Alberta has agreed to review the human rights legislation in regards to age discrimination.

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