NAIT Welcomes a New Program

By Tessa Schneider on November 28, 2017
NAIT will be seeing even more students in the new year. The new Foundation Drill Rig Operator program is set to start January 22nd. Tina Wood, Portfolio Manager with Applied Science and Technology, hopes the program will be recognized as an apprenticeship program.

“We have modeled it like that with the aspiration that at some point it will become recognized by the Alberta government and follow the apprenticeship model.”

Wood also points out that that the requirements for entrance into the program are based more on industry experience over previous grades.

“Anyone taking this course right now must be employed and sponsored. This may change at some point but this is one thing industry stressed. They want people who have already been on the job for at least 250 hours.”

Wood says being sponsored means the various drilling companies would have to put forward a mentor with ample experience who will take on a new student or employee and help with on-the-job training. She says interest in the industry is what employers are looking for.

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