NAIT Students React to United Airlines Incident

By Kat Nykolaychuk on April 13, 2017
United Airlines, has received a lot of backlash this week, when on Sunday, a video surfaced of a man being forcibly removed from a flight.

The airline planned to remove four passengers to make room for airline crew members being transported, and after one man refused, the video shows he was violently removed and dragged from his seat by officials.

Taking Sunday’s events into account, NAIT students didn’t seem very eager to fly with United:

“If this was the only occurrence regarding United Airlines, I still would [fly with them], but this is not…an isolated incident.”

“I don’t think I would [still fly with them], just because when I saw the video it was very violent and everybody seemed really disturbed by it.”

“I would definitely put that into consideration the next time I do take the chance to fly with them.”

The airline has a previous reputation of overbooking and switching the flights of passengers. United released a statement apologizing for the incident.

United Airline’s stock dropped over $1 billion after the incident, but since has recovered.