NAIT Ooks Partner with Edmonton Girls Hockey

By Tre Lopushinsky on November 23, 2017

The NAIT Ooks Women’s hockey team is partnering with  Edmonton Girls Hockey to form the Mini-Ooks.

This partnership is an ambitious plan to speed the growth of  hockey for girls and NAIT Ooks  head coach Deanna Martin is happy to be part of the leadership group.

Coach Martin says there are additional take-aways for the Ooks and pee-wee players.

“Our players gain that coaching experience. A little bit of opportunity to see if that’s something that they might be interested in doing down the road and giving them the preliminary skills to do so if that’s something they want to do. And for the pee-wee players I think it just gives them a good role model.”

The Ooks have also hosted a team building night and  Coach Martin spoke at a coach development seminar to help the E-G-H-A coaches. The Ooks also host and help with the girls’ practices every Monday.