Mayday Dogs

By Bernie Bernhardt on April 13, 2017

Edmonton is getting fired up about the new gourmet hot dog restaurant Mayday Dogs.

Mayday Dogs will feature Hot Dogs, Tater Tots, Milk Shakes and being in the Mercer building, it could be perfect place for a pre Oilers game snack.

Creator and owner Justin Benson says he wants to make his restaurant interesting as well as affordable.

“We have everything from an Asian dog to a chili dog, we have one that was inspired by a New York everything bagel. The hot dogs are all six to nine dollars, so your basic hot dog is six but the craziest it gets is nine dollars,” says Justin Benson, Mayday Dogs creator.

Mayday Dogs is opening May 15th will be located on 104th Street and 104th Ave.

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