Gamers Fundraising for Charity

By Justin Cooper on November 9, 2017

The Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation is receiving a generous donation thanks to Extra Life Edmonton. This community of gamers plays video games for charity. Over the past weekend, 200 gamers spent 25 hours playing video games. This year, the group raised over 90-thousand dollars. While the goal of the event is to raise funds, Extra Life Edmonton’s Community Outreach Manager, Angelo Encarnacion says it’s more than just that.

“One of the biggest positive like factors of our growth is our community, it’s been really great to see everyone contributing and everyone wanting to be a part of this great amazing thing.”


When combined with the other local Teams, Edmonton as a city raised over 200-thousand dollars for The Stollery. This amount was the highest raised per capita out of all the hospitals participating in Extra Life, winning The Stollery an additional 38-thousand dollars in the form of the ESA Top Fundraising Per Capita Prize.

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