Dogs Proven To Be Good For Your Heart

By Courtney Shutter on November 23, 2017
Here’s another reason to love dogs: they’re proven to help you live a healthier life.

In a recent study of over 3 million people, those with a dog in the home are linked to living a longer life. Dog owners’ health records proved to have a lower risk of having heart attacks and other life-threatening conditions. For those who live alone with a furry friend, the risk of death from cardiovascular disease dropped by 36%.

Rachel Simmons, who comes home to a loving dog every day enjoys the distraction he provides. “Hanging out with the dog you don’t really think about those stressful things anymore, you just focus all your attention on the wagging tail in front of you.”

NAIT students can take a pause from their stressful work load by visiting NAIT’s official therapy dog, Flynn.

Photo credit: Shutterstock