Black Friday is around the corner

By Tessa Schneider on November 23, 2017
With Black Friday upon us, retail employees are feeling the pinch. Samantha Prosser, an employee at West Edmonton Mall can feel the shift in attitude from both customers and staff.

“Everyone is a bit more tense, naturally,” Prosser notes, “just heightened stress levels. You don’t tend to see as much of your typical holiday spirited type person.”

Stress from buying gifts, road conditions, and the cold are just a few reasons people might be on edge. Prosser applauds those brave enough to go to the mall and shares her tips to staying calm.

“Patience is an important thing. Everyone’s going to be a little extra stressed so the more people that can take 10 seconds and breathe it’s going to be that much better.”

Many local businesses are taking part in Black Friday, including Shop at NAIT on campus. 

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